IEC 60287 Cable Sizing Simplified

Effortlessly determine the optimal cable size for your projects with our intuitive, standard-compliant software.

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Robust Cable Library

Access an extensive database of cables, tailored for all project needs.

Custom Cable Additions

Easily input and manage custom cables for specific requirements.

Precision Sizing

Accurate cable sizing with environmental and construction factors.

Standards Compliance

Follows IEC 60287 & CIGRE TB 880 for reliable sizing methodologies.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate a sleek, intuitive design for efficient project management.

Seamless Exporting

Export results directly to PDFs for easy reporting and documentation.

Ryan Smith
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From my early days as a Cable Jointer to becoming a Grid Solutions Manager, I've seen firsthand the struggles engineers face with cable sizing tools. The pain? Outdated, clunky software that feels like it's slowing you down, not helping. It's frustrating when tools don't keep up with the demands of modern electrical engineering projects, isn't it?

That's why I started EasyCableSizing. I wanted to shake things up and make something not just easy to use but genuinely helpful. Think of it as your go-to for bypassing the headache of cable sizing according to IEC 60287 standards. Whether it's AC or DC cable sizing, getting it right matters for energy efficiency and project success.

Imagine a tool that transforms cable sizing from a chore into a pleasure. EasyCableSizing is the fruit of my journey in the electrical field, designed to streamline everything from electrical design to cable rating calculations. It's more than just a tool—it's the solution I wished I had, built to make our workdays easier and more efficient. From one engineer to another, let's turn the task of cable sizing according to IEC 60287 standards, whether for AC or DC, into a smooth, productive experience. It's about achieving project success, while making cable sizing less of a chore and more of a breeze.

Three Steps to Efficient Cable Management

Start with IEC 60502 for basic selection, then upgrade to IEC 60287 for comprehensive validation.

Step 1: Create Your Project and Study
Step 2: Leverage IEC 60502 for Cable Selection
Step 3: Validate with IEC 60287 (Coming Soon)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • is a SaaS platform that offers a robust cable sizing calculator based on the IEC 60287 standard, enabling engineers and electricians to determine the current carrying capacity of cables for electrical projects.

  • Our calculator uses the IEC 60287 standard to accurately assess the current carrying capacity of cables. It considers various factors including cable construction and installation environment requirements to provide precise sizing recommendations.

  • Yes, our tool supports cable sizing calculations for all AC voltages and up to 5kV DC, accommodating a wide range of project needs.

  • Absolutely! allows users to input custom cable specifications into the tool, ensuring you can get accurate ratings for specialized cable types.

  • Our platform is designed for electrical engineers, technicians, project managers, and anyone involved in electrical design and installation who requires accurate cable sizing according to international standards.

  • Our tool is built with precision in mind, utilizing the latest guidelines from the IEC 60287 standard, CIGRE TB 880, and incorporating advanced algorithms to ensure highly accurate sizing recommendations.

  • The IEC 60502 cable sizing tool is designed for preliminary cable sizing, offering a quicker approach by utilizing tables to determine cable ratings. It's based on the principles of IEC 60287 cable sizing but simplifies the process for initial assessments. While the IEC 60502 tool provides a convenient way to estimate cable sizes, it is not as accurate as the comprehensive calculations performed by the IEC 60287 tool, which takes into account a wider range of variables and conditions for precise cable sizing.

  • Yes, our platform serves as an excellent resource for students and educators in electrical engineering fields, providing practical experience with cable sizing and design considerations.

  • We provide extensive support to ensure you have a seamless experience using our service. For any questions or issues, support can be requested via the support contact form available in the user area. Additionally, you can consult our Help Center, which includes detailed guides and a knowledge base for immediate assistance.

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