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What is EasyCableSizing?

EasyCableSizing is a web-based SaaS platform that helps in determining the current carrying capacity of cables. It aligns with IEC 60502 and IEC 60287 standards, making cable sizing more accessible and accurate for various electrical projects.

How do I set the default air temperature, ground temperature and soil thermal resistivity for a project?

In EasyCableSizing, users can set default environmental conditions for a project, such as air and ground temperatures and soil thermal resistivity, in the project page on the relevant project row. These defaults help in tailoring the cable sizing to specific geographical and environmental contexts.

When should IEC 60502 be used?

IEC 60502 should be used for determining current capacities and initial cable size requirements for extruded insulation power cables up to 30kV. It's suitable for simple and preliminary cable sizing in various projects.

What is the voltage range for IEC 60502 sizing?

IEC 60502 provides guidelines for cable construction and sizing for voltages up to 30kV. It includes detailed tables and methods for calculating current capacities, suitable for preliminary cable size requisites in various electrical installations.

Can IEC 60502 be used for sizing 33kV cables?

While IEC 60502 primarily covers up to 30kV cables, its principles can be extrapolated for sizing 33kV cables, commonly used in the UK. Care should be taken to ensure compliance with local standards and engineering practices.

Can a cable size greater than 400mm² be used in IEC 60502 studies?

IEC 60502 includes guidelines for cable sizes typically up to 400mm². For sizes greater than 400mm², specialized engineering analysis may be required, and IEC 60502 may be used as a reference or starting point.

Can the IEC 60502 studies be used for BS7870 and BS7835 cables?

IEC 60502 studies can be adapted for use with BS7870 and BS7835 cables, as the principles of cable sizing and current carrying capacity are similar. However, specific national standards and regulations should always be consulted.

Can I calculate the voltage drop in cables within an IEC 60502 study?

EasyCableSizing's IEC 60502 tool focuses on current carrying capacity and preliminary sizing. Calculating voltage drop is a more complex process that will be included in a future updates or in the more detailed IEC 60287 tool.

When should IEC 60287 be used?

IEC 60287 is ideal for precise validation and detailed engineering analysis of cable sizing, considering all AC voltages and up to 5kV DC. It factors in cable construction and environmental variables for more accurate and comprehensive studies.